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Top 5 Smokey Eye Tips


Smokey eyes are something people ask me to do all the time. Everyone loves how it looks but can be a bit afraid of trying it out themselves but it’s a lot easier than you would think! Read on to find out our top 5 tips!

Step 1: With a brush like our Pro Blender apply your base colour, which will be your lightest, all over your lid to the socket line and blend out gently above the crease.

Step 2: Using your mid colour with the same brush, apply along the base of the lid above lash line and into the eye socket crease, circling around the outer corner.

Step 3: Now take your darkest colour and apply it with an angled brush along the very edge of the lash line and around the outer corner of the eye.

Step 4: Using a fluffy blender brush, blend out the three colours until the edges of each colour are no longer defined. Spend a bit of time on this as a well blended eye can be the difference between a great and not so great smokey eye!

Step 5: Line the eyes with liner and smudge out your pencil from the lash line with a crease brush. Finish with a nice amount of mascara!

Hope you enjoyed this and might even try it this weekend yourself x

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