Our Vision

Our Vision

When AYU started four years ago it was with one main goal in mind, to supply professional, affordable makeup brushes to beauty college students. As the company grew we quickly realised that it wasn’t just beauty students that wanted professional affordable brushes, every woman does. Not only that but the majority of everyday women want to create a simple, easy, time friendly makeup look that doesn’t take 57 steps to achieve! That is why we will always keep our line of brushes and How To videos simple.  In our eyes, makeup is there to enhance our natural beauty, not disguise it.

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Eye Make Up Tips for Your Eye Shape

Did you know that your eye make- up can tell people a lot about your style and personality? By far the biggest request I get during one to one lessons is ‘How do I do my eyes’. Understanding your eyes shape will simplify your eye make- up options as you will learn what looks suit […]

Are You Over Treating Your Skin?

One thing that always strikes me when I do make up lessons is the amount of skincare products people possess these days. You can have a press full of products but it won’t guarantee good skin. People are spending fortunes on all the latest creams that come out when all you need is a few […]

How Your Menstrual Cycle Can Effect Your Skin

We’re all familiar with hormonal breakouts, but did you know that the sudden appearance of greasy skin or random dryness can be down to your menstrual cycle too? Your skin can change depending on what stage you’re at in your cycle so here are some ways to help you treat it at the different times. […]