Our Vision

Our Vision

When AYU started four years ago it was with one main goal in mind, to supply professional, affordable makeup brushes to beauty college students. As the company grew we quickly realised that it wasn’t just beauty students that wanted professional affordable brushes, every woman does. Not only that but the majority of everyday women want to create a simple, easy, time friendly makeup look that doesn’t take 57 steps to achieve! That is why we will always keep our line of brushes and How To videos simple.  In our eyes, makeup is there to enhance our natural beauty, not disguise it.

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My Favourite High End Foundations!

Hi Everyone, Today I wanted to go through my favourite high end foundations. I will do a separate post on my top budget foundations too! So, what is it about certain foundations that keeps me coming back for more? There are a few things but the most important elements for me are that it last […]

Finding the Right Foundation!

Finding the perfect foundation can sometimes seem impossible!  Do you want a full or light coverage? Matte or dewy finish? And how do you find your perfect shade? Once you do find the right one, it is a totally game-changer! I have been in the industry for over 15 years and it is by far […]

Flawless Face

Achieving a flawless face doesn’t mean using lots of products and spending an hour in front of the mirror- in fact for me it is quite the opposite. When I think of a flawless face I think fresh, blemish free, youthful, and radiant! There is nothing that will ruin that image quicker than too many […]