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Make Up for Green Eyes

I think green eyes are gorgeous! Their not as common as blue and brown and are just so striking!


Colours that will compliment your green eyes best:

  • To make your green eyes pop you should use cranberry, purple, plum, copper & deep warm browns
  • For eyeliner black is as always a safe bet but deep browns will make your green eye pop.
  • For a more natural make up look, use a taupe shadow in your crease to contour your eye. This wit some dark brown or black liner on your waterline will make your eyes pop without being too dramatic!
  • The same type eye above with a bright red lip is really striking and will bring you into an evening look without having to redo your whole make up!
  • Colours that are best avoided would be anything very pale- like pale blue or pink as they won’t make your green eyes stand out and can more often than not make you look tired.

I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful.

Chat soon,

Suzie x

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