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Make Up for Blue Eyes

I find that people often struggle with knowing what colours will suit them best so I will try to help! In part one of this series we will look at blue eyes! 

Colours that will help bring out your blue eyes are:

  • Copper, peaches, yellow, orange, cranberry and brown based shadows. Brands of shadows I like are MAC, Inglot and Isa Dora as the pigments are always strong and very blendable.
  • The general rule would be that colours in the same family don’t work so well but you can use them if they are definite. I sometimes like to use navy blue or silvery based blue on my eyes too. These two colours used together can make for a gorgeous smokey eye.
  • Black or deep brown eyeliner will highlight your baby blues too so don’t be afraid to pop some on your upper lash line for a more definite look or on your upper waterline for a more subtle but defined look- this will also make your lashes appear thicker!
  • Black liner on the bottom waterline works great too and makes your eyes really stand out- I prefer it here when I’m at work or on occasions and nights out as sometimes feel its a little much in daylight but it all depends on what your daily situation is- if you work in a setting where everyone has make up on it will look great but if you’re like me and spend a lot of your work free time running after kids then maybe skip this one!
  • A pop of highlighter on the inner tear duct gives the eye a pop too and can be worn whether you have any other eyeshadow on or not. It looks great if you are going for a “no make up, make up” day as it make your eyes look like you’ve had tons of sleep even if you’ve been up all night!
  • For mascara black is always a winner to make your eyes stand out but I LOVE a burgundy based mascara on blue eyes. It doesn’t look blatantly burgundy but like you see a blue tint on a crows colouring you see the burgundy tint through this and it makes blue eyes super blue! YSL do a gorgeous one- it’s pricey at about €30 but well worth it! Another more budget friendly  black mascara I love is Rimmel Volume Flash.

As always knowing what colours to use is great but having the right tools to apply them with is essential. Our “All About Eyes” set (€25.00) is perfect for all eye make up and includes our AYU Pro Blender, AYU Angle Liner, AYU Flat Shadow and AYU Blender.

I hope you have found this helpful! Next time I will cover colours to suit all the brown eyes beauties out there!

Suzie x

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