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Back to Basics! Perfecting Your Make Up Base!

I wanted to write this post as I think the base of our make up is something some of us don’t think that much about and just throw on before spending lots of time perfecting our eyes or lips. I believe that having a perfect base will make your overall make up look more polished- it will last all day and you will use much less product than you probably do now!

Whenever I would start with new students they were always taken back by how little product I used when applying foundation. My theory is that if you put a lot of heavy foundation on your face,  firstly it will look heavy and secondly your skin won’t be able to breathe under there and it will almost sweat causing the make up to shine and slide off during the day.  By making a few small changes to your routine you can have a flawless finish and make up that will last!

Right, lets get on with it! The products I use daily for my base are: Moisturiser, Primer(Optional), Foundation, Concealer, Powder and Blush. The base I will be talking about is one that you can wear alone for a natural day look or for going out! The process is the exact same just for going out you might want to add some bronzer to warm your face up a bit more or give more definition to cheekbones etc!

Before you even think about your make up it’s really important to prepare your skin. This means cleanse, and moisturise. This doesn’t need to be a time consuming routine- I use a gentle foaming face wash from the Toleraine range from La Roche Posay and No 7 Lift & Luminate Day cream.

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Step 1:

Primer- I love to use MAC Strobe Cream which I know technically isn’t a primer but I do love the sheen it gives under my make up and I find it works really well on my skin on its own as well. I apply this with a clean AYU Buffer brush. The buffer brush is great to really work the product into your skin.

Step 2:

Foundation- Using my Buffer brush I apply a small amount of foundation to the back of my hand so I can put it on in stages. You should only need about a pea sized amount as the purpose of our foundation is to just create an even tone to the skin, we will cover any blemishes with our concealer. At the moment I’m using L’Oreal True Match. I start by dotting the foundation on my forehead, cheeks, chin and nose, then with my buffer brush, really work it in. It’s a good idea to spend a bit of time here as it will make the product last better and you will get a more natural finish if its really worked in.

Step 3:

Concealer- Ok so as much as I love my contouring it’s not something I do everyday. My look on a daily basis is low maintenance- I love when my skin looks fresh and clean rather than full on glam but each to their own! Another reason is I have 2 small kids so time in the morning is tight!! I apply my concealer sparingly as a little goes a long way, in an inverted triangle under my eyes, to the centre of my nose, just above the middle of my lip and chin. I use Rimmel wake Me Up concealer in Ivory which is about 1 shade lighter than my foundation to brighten up my face and make me look like I’ve has tons of beauty sleep when I’ve probably had very little!! I apply this with our flat foundation brush and pat it in.

Step 4:

Powder- I use a very small amount of powder just to set the creams but I mean only a dusting as we want to keep that fresh look on the skin and loading it with powder will only make it look a bit caked. If you have oily skin you may want to apply more in the areas that tend to shine. Also, if you suffer with dry patches too much powder will really stick to those areas and can make the skin look uneven during the day. I use MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Light everywhere I put my concealer and the same powder in Medium everywhere else. You don’t need to use 2 powders here though- any translucent powder will do the job! I use our powder brush for this step. The important  thing with your powder is to pat it in and not to swirl it all over all at once. If you have gone to the trouble of doing highlighting concealer etc you don’t want to move that all over the place by just slapping your powder on everywhere all at once.

Step 5:

Blusher- I love blusher! It really warms up the face and looks so pretty! I use a light pink and peach tone mixed together as I feel mixing the two colours gives a gorgeous shade! To apply I use our contour/blusher brush and start on the apples of my cheeks and sweep out towards the upper part of my ear to help light the cheek and make me look brighter!

Step 6:

To finish my base I always run over everything with my Duo Fibre brush to ensure there are no harsh lines anywhere and to remove any excess powder lying on my skin. This may seem like a trivial step but it makes a huge difference to the overall finish!

And that’s it! If you follow these steps I promise you will find you will be using very little product and your make up will last all day!

I hope you enjoyed this and if there is anything else you would like us to cover just let me know in the comments below!

Chat soon,

Suzie x

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