About Us

AYU is an Irish based Irish owned Make Up Brush Company set up by renowned makeup artist Suzanne O’Neill.

The name “AYU” is derived from an Indonesian word meaning “Beautiful”. Suzanne has worked in the beauty industry for the last 15 years in roles varying from beautician to makeup artist and now lecturing. Over the years she found herself answering the same questions from clients when it came to makeup, “where did you get your makeup brushes?” While recommending mainstream brands was all well and good, she knew that the price tag attached to them would deter some of her clients from purchasing the most essential tools in their makeup kit. It was from this that AYU was born. The idea was to develop her own brand of brushes that would deliver the same quality and ease of use as the top brands but at a more affordable cost. Laura has worked in marketing and distribution for 10 years so brought with her a wealth of experience in sourcing and distributing products in the most cost effective way. Speaking about the line Suzie says “I designed the range with beginners in mind as I wanted them to be super easy to use and uncomplicated. A lot of women can be daunted by all the different types of brushes out there so I wanted to create a line that was straightforward and that you would use everyday.  I like to think that we are educating women too so that is why we created our “How To” leaflets explaining each brush and its use and also how to look after them which we send out with every brush. We also have “How To” videos to show how to achieve lots of different looks step by step.

Making Professional Make Up Brushes Affordable

Our makeup brushes are made with the highest quality materials but at a more affordable cost for our customers. Our line of makeup brushes have been developed so they are straightforward and easy to use everyday. See our extensive range for every contour.

Our Vision

When AYU started, it was with one main goal in mind, to supply professional, affordable makeup brushes to beauty college students. As the company grew we quickly realized that it wasn’t just students that wanted professional affordable brushes…

AYU- Simple Beauty

Our philosophy at AYU is to live a positive and beautiful life. We get lots of questions about how to look and feel good so we add new blogs with loads of valuable tips and tricks on beauty and living life to the fullest. See more on our blog posts…