Our vision

Our Vision is changing

When AYU started three years ago it was with one main goal in mind, to supply professional, affordable makeup brushes to beauty college students. As the company grew we quickly realized that it wasn’t just beauty students that wanted professional affordable brushes, every woman does. Not only that but the majority of everyday women want to create a simple, easy, time friendly makeup look that doesn’t take 57 steps to achieve! That is why we will always keep our line of brushes simple. If we wouldn’t use them, why would you?! In our eyes, makeup is there to enhance our natural beauty, not disguise it.

Something else that we have also learned in the last few years is that that many of our customers are lacking in self-confidence. They are not alone. We too have this problem. Six out of seven days we are battling the same demons when we look in the mirror and this simply shouldn’t be the case. Who are we pitting ourselves against and would those same people do the same to us if they saw our filtered image on social media? The word AYU is a Balinese word meaning “beautiful” and this is exactly what AYU is about. It’s about living a “Beautiful” life, inner and outer.

With all the this in mind our vision really has evolved and is now firmly set on making every woman feel her best EVERYDAY so watch this space for some exciting new directions to that “Beautiful Life”

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